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Tensegrity Training is an innovative training organisation committed to multidisciplinary teaching approaches, resulting in the exceptional communication of knowledge and skills.

Our team of dedicated trainers have decades of experience in the Pilates and Movement industries with fully functioning training studios around the country.

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Tensegrity Training Is Now Taking Enrolments For Our Nationally Accredited Pilates Training Courses Around Australia In 2020


Tensegrity Training Courses are in locations all around Australia. We can also send our Trainers to your studio or allied health facility, contact us to find out how to arrange a custom training.


Somatics recognises mind-body integration and the impact and influences of each on the other. As a practitioner understanding how to work with the ‘somatic body’ provides a new dimension to the capability to use a combination of tactile hands-on skills, movement, and exercises to improve client outcomes.

Somatic Education

Tensegrity Training has been recognised for our excellence in Education and Training

In both 2016 and 2017, we were awarded the Sunshine Coast Business Awards at our headquarters in Queensland. We were finalists in 2018 as well!

Join us in 2019 for a full Qualification or an industry accredited Short Course. Meet our highly experienced and leading trainers at each of our training locations in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.


I valued the presenters hands-on experience, working knowledge and
passion of the content. The presenters were very collaborative and
encouraged EVERYONE to contribute and express their opinion, which
made for a very inclusive learning environment
L.O. Victoria
All the knowledge and repertoire that I learnt will 100%
stay with me and I will pass on all that knowledge and technique to my
clients. I found the trainer’s explanations of exercises very easy to
understand, so I will endeavour to utilise similar explanations when
teaching clients how to use any form of Pilates
A.S. New South Wales
I've thoroughly enjoyed my time in this training, feeling
very welcomed and included into a great group of people. The trainer is an
incredible teacher, I admire her passion and dedication to her
students and work place. I felt very supported throughout my face to 
face learning time
K.M. South Australia
Working within the studio at Tensegrity helped me understand the
material a lot more. Also the experience of working with clients face
to face. I will use this knowledge in the workforce as a Clinical Pilates
instructor either for a Pilates Studio or within a physiotherapy
K.T. Queensland