March 8, 2019

How do I become a Pilates Instructor?

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How do I become a Pilates Instructor? The first step in becoming a Pilates instructor is to do a few classes/sessions in different studios in your local area. The reason for trying more than one studio is to see how other instructors teach, to see how classes are run, and to look at which style of Pilates you enjoy. There are many ‘styles’ of Pilates out there- from very Traditional / Classical approaches (exercises just like the founder, J. Pilates developed), Clinical Pilates (a term often used to describe looking more closely at the client’s form and physical conditions), Mat Pilates (where no large equipment is used- just mats and some smaller pieces of gear like balls or perhaps foam rollers/magic circles, etc.), Group Reformer (where the entire class does the same Reformer repertoire together- usually led by an instructor who may not be watching each person individually) and a whole new array of ‘hybrid’ styles that fuse other modalities (like Yoga or Ballet or Barre) with Pilates. Once you have tried a few different ‘styles’ of Pilates, you will probably start to see that not all instructors or studios work in the same way.   We suggest that you ask the instructor(s)
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