We are extremely excited to welcome back to Australia, the international movement educator, Christine Cole.  She’ll bring several new bodies of work to our Sunshine Coast training centre and deliver an immersive weekend workshop.  We look forward to sharing Oceanic Movement and Fascial Tensegrity with the Australian community….

Oceanic Movement

From February 22-24 2019.

at Tensegrity Studio, Kiels Mountain, Sunshine Coast

$660 for Early Bird registrations and DTAA members

$690 for registrations after 15 January and for non-members

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Oceanic Movement

Growing the fluid nervous system 

Millions of decisions are made before we have a nervous system: the motor of our embryonic development is based on pressure differentials, flow and cellular intelligence which unlocks the genetic tide of our becoming.

Regaining the origins of our movement cycles throughout the time in the womb, underwater. will be the focus of this weekend workshop. Motion in water,this buoyant state, where the outside pressure matches our inside space, precedes our experience of gravity. Even our nervous system is still floating in the cranial-sacral fluid in our body.  

Rhythms of development, oscillations, tides of our body even now support our awake state of being present in the world, our consciousness. 

Join us for a deep dive into this state of embryo,of ocean, flow in motion for a weekend of information and experience of how the Nervous System can balance.

Fascia, Inner connections-Outer connections or: Fascia, Ligaments and Tensegrity

How we interweave our movement and identity between the inner and outer world or How we interweave our identity between the inner and outer world.

Our somatic understanding of fascia is a gateway to understanding self and space. Not only can we discover aliveness in our tensegrity, our inner guiding strength, we can also learn how to connect into the web of community.
We will learn through movement, touch and discussion, how scientific-based information is embodied into experience and somatization.

This is a movement and touch exploration class based on anatomical research We will explore how memory is laid out along  fascial lines , surf our fascial memories and free ourselves in to new facial shaping to allow for new possibilities in our life.