How Do I Become a Group Reformer Instructor?

Posted: June 27, 2019
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Group Reformer Studios are extremely popular and the demand for qualified Instructors is growing. Employers are looking for staff who are well trained and good at running creative, challenging and fun classes on the Pilates Reformer.

So, to become qualified in this field and to be able to offer full body workouts using the Pilates Reformer it is advisable to enroll in a course designed specifically to give you these skills. The Tensegrity Training’s Pilates Group Reformer Instructor (PGR) Training course is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the theory of teaching exercise together with extensive Reformer Essentials and Reformer Intermediate/Advanced repertoire that will excite anyone interested in Pilates.

There certainly are many other courses available but the Tensegrity Training course is the only course written specifically for Group Reformer classes that has Government Accredited outcomes. The course involves both online learning and practical face-to-face components where students have the opportunity to practice teaching each other with valuable feedback and guidance from their Course Provider.  You will graduate from this course with the following units of competency.

-ARTMAT401 Apply Basic Anatomy in Pilates

-ARTMAT405 Active Dynamic Pelvic Floor Training

-ARTMAT407 Teach Pilates Choreography Flow

-PILEQU501 Teach Reformer repertoire

We pride ourselves on producing exceptionally skilled Instructors who are equipped to work in a variety of settings catering to a range of client levels, abilities and experience.

Join this exciting and interesting vocation now!

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