Pilates Course Barre MindBody

Pilates Course Barre MindBody

In this course, you will be introduced to an intensive Barre workout incorporating movements choreographed to contemporary music. It is a total body workout for movers of all levels. Each movement sequence is taught in progressive stages to assist all learner abilities.

​An expressive movement inspired training method at the Barre incorporating dynamic spiralling movements designed to connect the somatic body to achieve its greatest movement potential. This method of Barre work is a unique approach to exercise. The essence of fundamental Developmental Movement Patterns are applied to the principles of efficient biomechanics and ‘dual force theory’ to create a system of fluid and strengthening exercises at the Barre. A series of simple to more complex movements involving arch, curl, rotation, retire`, flex, bend, reach, pull, yield and so on – all executed to the beat of inspirational music.

It’s fun from beginning to end and your body will thank you.

A comprehensive descriptive and pictorial manual included.

Who should attend this course?   Exercise Physiologists, Pilates instructors and other Allied Health professionals wanting to work with clients using more advanced exercises focused on spinal health & complex movement patterns

Prerequisites    Prior experience teaching exercise

Pre-course Study  1 hour

Course Duration 6 1/2 hours

Course Materials  Short Course Manual – Barre MindBody

Price  $800

Why this course?

  • Enables you to teach fabulous Barre classes
  • The only course of its kind offering a unique blend of challenging exercises for fitness, spinal strength, mobility and stability
  • Assist your clients to achieve better results while having a fun and exhilarating workout
  • You learn a variety of exercises to extend your clients depending on levels of fitness and experience
  • Enhances your career and professional standing