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Our training takes place in the beautiful pristine town of Wauchope, 20 mins west of Port Macquarie. Based at the Wauchope Physiotherapy in the heart of Wauchope, the training shares a space with an amazing group of health practioners including a Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists and Exercise Physiologists- allowing students the opportunity to practise and teach in two amazing spaces surrounded by inspiring and knowledgeable health professionals while experiencing first-hand how Pilates can complement different health modalities to assist clients in achieving complete mind & body health.

Principal Trainers “Caz” and Kate have a wealth of experience working for over 20 years in the Pilates Method. Caz is also a qualified Remedial Masseuse and Chi Running Instructor- bringing a holistic approach to her Pilates teachings. Undertaking your Pilates training in Port Macquarie will not only teach you the Pilates Exercises but will equip you with the skills to become an exceptional teacher of the Pilates Method. The well known Bodiline studio has been a Centre of Excellence in the practise and teaching of the Traditional Pilates Method and the staff love sharing their passion with all clients and students. The studio offers excellent facilities- furnished with the complete range of equipment developed by Joseph Pilates.

 “The past two years have dramatically increased my knowledge of the human body and how it moves. I’m so grateful to Tensegrity and the Bodiline teachers for all their guidance and teaching. I know this is only the beginning”  F. Ausling, Diploma Student 2018.


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