Short Course Teach Balls Repertoire

Who should attend this course?Exercise Physiologists, Physiotherapists, Pilates matwork instructors and Allied Health professionals providing rehabilitation who want to work more effectively with their clients or add challenge to existing knowledge
Prerequisites:Studies in Exercise Physiology, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Professions or Pilates
Pre-course Study:2 hours
How long is the course?1/2 day     (Online only option also available)
Course Materials:Short Course Manual:

  • Balls Repertoire and Teaching Methodology
  • History of Pilates online module
  • Work, health and safety online module
Can I count the course towards my Diploma?Yes
Do I get a government accredited outcome?Optional assessment for the nationally accredited unit of competency PILEQU508 Teach Balls repertoire is included.  Students will complete the half day of learning Toning Balls repertoire content and after attending the course practical component students will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance for professional development purposes.  Students may work towards obtaining the government accredited unit of competency PILEQU508 by completing all associated assessment tasks.

This Course is worth 6 ESSA CPD Points

Course cost includes free assessment process valued at $150

How Much?$400
Enrollment Fee:$50
Payment Plan:
  • $152 Deposit and Learner Materials Fee at the time of enrolling and balance to be paid prior to attendance at the Workshop
  • Balance is paid to the Course Provider 14 days prior to the scheduled course.
Availability?Course Dates and Times


Why this course?

  • Knowing Balls repertoire is a real bonus for working in a Pilates studio and other Allied Health Clinics
  • Balls can complement your existing Pilates session or with skills, knowledge and creativity learned in this course you can structure a whole class using these balls
  • It is also great for rehabilitation, balance, and coordination
  • Balls are a cost effective addition to any Pilates or other exercise program
  • Using Toning Balls can assist you to improve clients’ strength and proprioception
  • Balls can be used to provide relief from over contracted and sore muscles or ligaments, providing excellent self help tools for clients

Additional Assessment requirements:

  • The additional assessment activities required for the unit of competency PILEQU508 Teach Balls repertoire involve:
    • Developing a session plan based on the Tensegrity 8 Part SystemTM and delivery of the session plan to client(s) in your workplace, working with Balls repertoire
    • Knowledge Assessment for the Balls repertoire
    • Practical Assessment of Balls repertoire during the workshop

This short course is also recognised by ESSA and attracts 6 CPD points.