Escape from the everyday and visit our unique studio offering a tranquility that is perfect for your choice of movement activity. Whether you’re doing a private movement therapy session, toning your muscles with our specialist Pilates equipment, taking a unique class of Garuda, Gyrokinesis or Pilates Mat exercises you can enjoy the stunning views and natural light of our beautiful studio.   We also offer our very own version of Aqua Pilates in our heated mineral pool!

If you are new to Pilates, our staff will guide you through a safe and effective program tailored to your individual needs.  Pilates began as a series of strengthening and body conditioning exercises developed by a pioneering man named Joseph Pilates.  His legacy lives on today in the simple yet elegant equipment and the series of powerful but subtle exercises done on the mat.  The Pilates equipment is based upon springs and sliding components- which give participants as much challenge as their bodies require.

Our clients range in age from young teenage dancers to eighty year olds looking to stay active in their daily lives.  We also help tradies, gardeners and everyday people overcome their injuries, alleviate their back pain, optimise their pre and post pregnancy fitness and feel better about their bodies.

We are the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO 60182) specialising in Pilates Instructor Training based on the Sunshine Coast.  We take great pride in our students and they are an important component of sessions at Tensegrity.  You will have the opportunity to meet them and to help them in their journey to become the best possible instructors they can be!


Here at Tensegrity Studio Tracey and the team combine Pilates teaching, training excellence and creative arts effectively to achieve optimal health for clients. Our emphasis is on close supervision and individual exercise prescription to ensure correct recruitment of muscles for more fluid movement, great posture & increased body control in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries. You will then achieve a balanced body, which looks and feels invigorated.

This will not only make you stronger in your exercise session but during all activities of daily life.  After just a few sessions, you will notice a firmer, freer body!

We strongly believe that a body AND mind approach to exercise is vital not only for a successful Pilates session, but also for a healthy and balanced life. Our director also has experience as a Somatic Movement Therapist allowing her to further explore how the physical body, mind and spirit equally affect how we move and live in our bodies. This holistic vision of the human body has broadened the Tensegrity Studio approach to correcting postural imbalances and recurring issues with necks, shoulders and backs whilst having enormous fun.

Group classes are held on Mondays,  Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturday mornings.   Other sessions as well as private 1:1 consultations are available by requesting an appointment.

We Specialise in:

  • Pregnancy and post natal care
  • Arthritis management
  • Bone health & active aging
  • Back Care Courses
  • Pelvic Floor training
  • Post Cancer mobility programming
  • Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
  • Stretching
  • Educational workshops for practicing therapists


Tensegrity Training(#60182) is a registered training organisation (RTO) specialising in government accredited Pilates training and  Somatic Movement Therapy training. Courses being offered at Tensegrity Studio include:

See for more detailed information and enrolments.

Tensegrity Training won the 2016 and 2017 Sunshine Coast Business Awards for Education and Training and we are proud of our ongoing commitment to delivering outstanding training in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.

Diamond Certificate FINAL

Instructor Quality

Tensegrity Studio provides access to a mind/body system of exercise designed to help you achieve flexibility, postural improvement and fitness under the guidance of professionally trained instructors.

Even at the fanciest of Pilates facilities, you are wasting your time if the Pilates instructors are not adequately trained.  The effectiveness of Pilates can be attributed to:

  • adherence to its fundamental principles
  • delivery in a precise manner; and
  • delivery by adequately qualified instructors

Prior to taking up Pilates, ask the instructor what type of training they have completed.

Tensegrity Studio is affiliated with the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA) and all staff are accredited APMA.  APMA-accredited practitioners have had over 900 hours of training and experience in order to qualify as Level 2 instructors.  Level 4 practitioners have had more than 7500 hours’ experience.

Staff Profiles

Tracey Nicholson

Tracey has extensive experience in Pilates, dance, movement therapy and rehabilitation together with a teaching and dance performance background. She has been working in the area of movement rehabilitation for the past 20 years and assisted hundreds of clients to overcome painful ailments through her exceptional knowledge of the human body. Tracey will help you reach your movement potential with a focus on detail and creativity. As a world renown Movement Therapist and Pilates Educator she has had enormous success working with people who have all sorts of presenting issues, from back pain to joint replacements or for improving general fitness. She has presented at conferences in Australia, USA, Israel and Spain. Tracey will assist you to find the joy in moving your body and improve your fitness at the same time.

Tracey has a Bachelor of Education with majors in Dance and Drama. She has taught at high school, college and university levels. This love of movement and dance and a knowledge that dance is therapeutic lead her complete a Diploma in Dance-Movement Therapy and a Graduate Certificate in Pilates based Rehabilitation. She is a Level 4 Practitioner member of the APMA and Principal Trainer level of the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA). Teaching people to move has been Tracey’s passion for over 25 years and lead her to form her own registered training organisation – Tensegrity Training Pty Ltd#60182 where she oversees Pilates and Movement Based Somatic Therapy training courses taught all over Australia.


  • Bachelor of Education
  • Cert IV TAE
  • Grad Cert in Movement Based Somatic Therapy
  • Diploma of Dance-Movement Therapy
  • Diploma of Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology
  • Grad Cert in Pilates-Based Rehabilitation
  • Emmett Technique Practitioner
  • Garuda Barre Certification
  • Certificate in Level 1 Gyrokinesis ®

Kaia Angele

With a background in yoga and martial arts, Kaia started her Pilates career with all the enthusiasm and dedication you would wish to find in your instructor.

Studying exclusivley under Tracey’s mentorship Kaia’s classes are a fun mixture of well rounded Pilates and strong anatomical knowledge mixed with body awareness and Somatic movement.

With a 10596NAT Diploma in Contemporary Pilates & Teaching Methodology specialising in matwork, equipment, small apparatus and barrels Kaia can confidently prescribe the best exercises for you body, mind and spirit.

Kaia also offers a range of Spa services including massage and a few selected beauty treatments. She is an absolute star!

Cassie O’Grady

After many years in Administration Cassie discovered Yoga, which lead to her studying this practice. While working on beautiful Hayman Island, Cassie commenced her Pilates training. With various certifications including pre and post natal, bone strengthening (Osteoporosis exercises and prevention) and a breadth of teaching experience, Cassie has recently commenced a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Sunshine Coast.

Cassie has a great eye for detail and brings this precision to her teaching, encouraging clients to really be ‘in their bodies’ to get the most out of their Pilates sessions. Her passion for Pilates shines through and overflows to everyone within the Studio. Each class is your own personal practice, easily adaptable to all ages, experience and capability. With the knowledge that most people only exercise/stretch 3 to 4 hours per week Cassie encourages clients to transfer their Pilates knowledge into daily life to assist healthy, efficient and pain free movement for the many hours not spent exercising and stretching. Pilates is a practise for life, Cassie is continues to learn while teaching and during her own personal practise.


Terri-Lynne, Kiamba – I always finish my Pilates session feeling refreshed and alert and haven’t felt so fit and healthy for years.

Maria, Kiels Mountain – Sometimes I feel so tired that I almost cancel my Pilates session, but without fail I always feel more energised than when I walked into the studio.

Karen, Kawana – I can’t believe how many exercises there are in this system. The girls at Tensegrity Studio are always coming up with new exercises – it’s never boring. That’s what I really like about my Pilates sessions – the variety and challenge.

Wayne, Diddilibah – I have learned so much about my body through practising Pilates. It is such a refined way of working your body in order to achieve better balance and focus. And, Tracey never let’s me get away with any slacking off…

Sally, Nambour – Pilates really helped me maintain fitness throughout my pregnancy as well as providing me with a great way to tone up after the birth.

Judy, Maroochydore – Within two months, my knee pain stopped and I began to see improvements in the way I walked. I could actually walk up and down hills without pain.

Brian, Kiels Mountain – Due to the heavy workload of being a builder, I experienced constant back pain. Regular Pilates sessions have not only eradicated my pain and made me far stronger, I’ve noticed how much more powerful my Kayaking stroke is.