Studio Pilates Course

What is a Pilates Studio?

Joseph Pilates’ established the Pilates method in what we now refer to as a Pilates Studio where the  vision of health combining body and mind was imperative. The repertoire, tempo, rhythm, energy, transitions and sequencing of exercise were Joe’s vision of health. Joseph Pilates intended that the session be a strong full body and mind workout.

Pilates is so popular now and studios are popping up everywhere. But are they a Pilates Studio that effectively provides a full body workout? Or are they what can be referred to as a ‘Reformer Studio’?  Many people don’t realise that a Pilates Studio should contain many different pieces of Pilates apparatus not just the Reformer.

If you haven’t done a well-constructed workout using the Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Reformer and Barrel(s) then you’re missing out on some of the most important elements of the Pilates method.

In a good Studio Pilates session, the individual components of the session are defined and transitions between exercises and equipment is smooth and logical.

The full Pilates workout includes a mat, reformer, and typically two additional pieces of equipment that are selected by your instructor during your workout to improve and address your unique body challenges or personal goals.

The 10596NAT Diploma in Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology instructor training program offered by Tensegrity Training is designed to offer a sound understanding of the theoretical and historical origins of the Pilates method, and aims to produce well informed professionals who are well equipped to enter the work force.

Our course not only teaches a variety of traditional and modern interpretations of the Pilates repertoire, but also focuses on teaching methodology and a solid foundation in functional anatomy and biomechanics.

The studio Pilates course equips graduates to effectively and competently work with a range of clients using the following studio Pilates equipment:

Successful completion of the studio Pilates course is mandatory in order to become a member of the Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA), or the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA) and meets the criteria of Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance as a Pilates instructor with most insurance providers.

Tensegrity Training graduates are recognised throughout the allied health sector.

Teacher Training

When taking a teacher training course, students must complete all aspects of the training program from pre Pilates right through to the Advanced level using all pieces of studio pilates equipment.

Escape from the everyday and enroll in our unique studio Pilates training courses, which are perfect for equipping you with the skills for working in any allied health environment. Whether you’re doing a short course or a full Pilates equipment course you can be assured of quality training and access to state of the art equipment and resources.

Here at Tensegrity Training our studio Pilates training courses combine Pilates teaching and creative arts effectively to achieve optimal knowledge and experience for students. Our emphasis is on providing students with close supervision and individual attention to ensure they learn all the skills required to work in a studio Pilates environment: such as; correct recruitment of muscles for more fluid movement, great posture & increased body control in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries.

Tensegrity Training offers courses that emphasise a body AND mind approach to exercise which is vital not only for a successful Pilates session, but also for a healthy and balanced life.

Our trainers’ years of  experience allows Tensegrity Training to be leaders in the field of education and training. Our holistic vision of education and that of the human body has broadened the Tensegrity Training approach to education and equipping graduates with skills of correcting postural imbalances and recurring issues with necks, shoulders and backs whilst having enormous fun in a most fulfilling industry.

Studio Pilates training course assists students to become specialists in:

  • Pregnancy and post natal care
  • Arthritis management
  • Bone health
 & active aging
  • Back Care Courses
  • Pelvic Floor training
  • Post Cancer mobility programming
  • Pre and post surgery rehabilitation
  • Stretching

What to Expect During a Course?

If you are new to Tensegrity Training then… welcome! We hope you enjoy your experience and we look forward to seeing you regularly over the duration of your training program.

We want to make sure that we have everything we need to thoroughly understand you. You will be asked to complete an enrolment form that provides us with important information about you.

You will then be given access to your online learning system once enrolment is complete. This system allows you to complete all of your pre-course reading and enjoy the informative videos on offer in your student portal.

Your student portal houses your teaching schedule so that you can plan your study timetable ahead of time. Each face to face contact will focus on delivery of practical work and provide opportunity for self learning, teaching practice and theoretical application on all pieces of studio Pilates equipment.

Following each face to face learning module students are required to complete the online quiz related to course content covered in the practical workshop.